Customer Credit Limit Issue

Hi All,

For our company, we get sales order in advance that would last over 3 to 4 months. If we have issues with collection, we will still accept new sales order from customer, but we will stop production/delivery if funds are not recovered.


Customer 1 has credit limit of 250,000
Sales Order issued for 1,000,000 - expected over 5 months

Result required: Sales Order can be issued.
@ Delivery Note it prompts you that the credit limit is exceeded
Even then, need additional authorization but allows you to exceed credit limit for some customers.

Any possibility of making this happen?

Firstly, if customer’s Credit Limit is set as 250,000, then it won’t allow you to create Sales Order worth 1,000,000 (which are also not fulfilled).

The required scenario is not configurable for now.

In the Account Settings, you can define Credit Controlled role, for whom Credit Limit validation will be bypassed. You could try that to some extend. Not sure about validating Credit Limit in the Delivery Note. @rohit_w can you check and confirm that please?

We are very much interested in this feature, checking credit limit on delivery note, is there a way to customize this as a work around