Customer facing portal to show price of products

We are a wholesale commercial distributor and would like a basic customer facing portal to show pricing and product information. This will enable our customers to see their “dealer cost” without having to phone or email us.

For example:
We have Customer A who can see Price list 1
Customer B who can only see Pricelist 2

Is this possible via ERPNext?

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@andyg : not sure this is available out of the box.

In one of the projects for one of our customers, we are building the custom Shopping Cart app to facilitate

  • per-customer-group price list visibility
  • per-customer-group Item visibility

This app is now being on the beta testing phase with the customer. More details about this app is available at New App for one-page shopping cart experience

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Thanks. Seem odd that the only field missing is price.

We have a test admin and test customer accoun… looks good except each time is missing cost.

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