Customer GSTIN in Sales Invoice seems to be erroneous & redundant

Bill to (Customer) Ship to (Different Warehouse) 2 Scenario:

  1. Customer own Warehouse
  2. 3rd Party Warehouse


  • In bill to ship to 3rd Party warehouse scenario:
    => Customer GSTIN in SI seems to be erroneously & redundant:
    => Erroneous as it is set to shipping address GSTIN. So in case of 3rd Party warehouse, wrong GSTIN(ship to = 3rd Part GSTIN) will be set as Customer GSTIN.
    => Redundant as we already have Billing Address GSTIN.

I suggest

  1. removing this field if not used directly.
  2. If in use then either change name
  3. OR its initialization

Correct me if otherwise.


Starting v14 - India Compliance,

The field Customer GSTIN has been removed. It was confusing and redundant.
Only Billing address GSTIN shall be part of sales transactions.