Customer ID via API

Good Day All

Anyone who could help to give more information regarding setting customer id via API?
I want to set specific id without naming series adding incremental value?

for instance:


when using naming series then give me:


Is there specific field to set id or any other way?

Hope someone could help.

Thank You
Albertus Geyser

@Albertus, Please take a look at the 'Employee Records to be created by' field in the HR Settings. You can set it to ‘Employee Number’.

After this if you reload ERPNext and navigate to an Employee Document, a new field would appear called 'Employee Number'. Now the value you set in this field would be used for naming the Employee Document.

The Documentation PR for this has been raised recently. You can take look at it once it has been merged. OR here even before it is merged.

thank you @karthikeyan5

I am looking to create Customer ID to create Sales order with Customer as Customer ID.

Oops!! My bad… I did not read your question properly. :upside_down_face:

This feature is not available in Customer. The ‘Customer Naming By’ field in ‘Selling Setting’ has only two options(Customer Name and Naming Series).

You could develop and send a PR for this feature. It has been already done in Employee Doctype. Hence, you could replicate the same easily.