Customer import with frappe client without autoname, based on naming series


I`m just writing a migration tool from our old ERP CAO-Faktura, currently im importing existing contacts while trying to preserve the “Customer Number” AKA Naming Series.

We`re using customer naming by Naming Series in ERPNext.

When I insert the created customer doctype with customer.insert() , a new number out of the current Naming Series gets assigned, and so i was not able to import my existing number.

Looing for a solution I changed the autoname method in the customer doctype like:

 if self.do_not_autoname: = self.naming_series
			else: = make_autoname(self.naming_series+'.#####')

But i think, it could be usefull to have such a possibility to import exisitng data from other ERPs or Online-Shops.

What do you think?

Please open an issue for this on github as I agree that this is a valid use case. Add the link to this thread also.

Meanwhile, we will appreciate if you contribute this capability to the project.