Customer Item Code

Is it possible to have a different price for the customer item code as the base product?

I tried to add code THGRA-UBOLT1 to the selling list, but it defaulted to the main item code.


For differential pricing, you can create separate Price List for that Customer. Or create Pricing Rule for this Customer and Item.

Regarding Customer’s Item Code, do you mean that after item is saved, value if Ref Code field is replaced with Item Code? This is working fine in my test account.

The Customer’s Item Code is fetched in the transactions as well. To make it visible in the print format, for the Customer’s Item Code field, Print Hide field should be unchecked. This field is mostly in the Item table of the transactions. For example Sales Order Item table in the Sales Order.

Thanks. Did not want to use customer price list or pricing rule, but may look at that. Even easier will be if I manage to persuade the boss they should all pay the same price for the same product :wink: