Customer Ledger and Print - Sales Returns

When processing a sales return the customer ledger shows as Sales Invoices and not Sales Return.Looking at the print of the sales return the header also shows sales invoice and not sales return.
This is a bug , if sales payments and sales invoices show correctly then sales returns should as well.
This can be recreated by processing a is return on a sales invoice.
I am testing in VM with ova production : 12.16.2 ERPNEXT version and 12.13.0 Frappe version

Hi Salim,

You can make a new Print Format for Returns and make the heading Print Sales Return.



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Hi Jay
Yes so on the day i populated the field print heading to show sales return , however out of the box i should not need to create a new print format for returns , returns is a daily feature that every business uses.
This does not solve the issue where on the ledgers a return shows as sales invoice and not sales return.This info pulls right through the chart of accounts general ledger.
Best practice would be to show a return as a return and not a sales invoice.This goes same for pos sales and purchases as well.


This is because there is no separate document called sales return. A return (or credit note) in ERPNext is effectively a Sales Invoice which is reversed. So in this case the base document remains the same ,ie, Sales Invoice.

To differentiate a return from a regular invoice you can:

  1. Create a separate naming series for Returns

  2. Use the remarks field to mark it as a return

  3. Add a new column in the Ledger report for Returns through which can indicate a sales return or credit note.

Thank You Kenneth and Jay , much appreciated :smiley:
Will definitely go with your solutions :pray:t5: