Customer mapping from Timesheet to Sales Invoice

i make a timesheet and after that i klick on the button “make sales invoice”
Inside timesheet the field customer ist filled out.
but in the opening window, where to set the item - and the customer, the customer field is empty.

Is that right?
if i leave it clear, in invoice form, the customer also is empty - i have to choose him manually.


Currently it works as you have described as a timesheet could potentially have multiple projects & we would not know which customer to default etc. So this is default behavior of the system.

Hi Pawan,
not agree - i have a task or issue - inside i have a customer. thats it.
the customer.

nice would: the custoer ftechted out of the task. and if i want to change, i could do.
but the customer inside the task must fetched automatic basic.