Customer Name change does not propogate through Doc's

Hi guys,

We often receive info about a possible Job prior to the Client calling through with all the details.

At the moment (different system) we simply create a new Service Report (similar to Customer Issue in ERPNext) and use the name ‘New Customer 111’ for example.

When the customer arrives at the office, we confirm their details and update the ‘Customer’ in Accounts.

We change the Name, Phone number etc. etc.

The issue is, if we go back to Re-print the Customer Issue report; the Name on the Doc remains as New Customer 111…

Any ideas?

Thanks again!

You can create your won print format to hide “name/id” field and to print only “customer name” field.

To learn about customized print format, check Knowledge Base

Thank you kindly! We will peruse the customised print formats and see how we go.

Appreciate the prompt response. Regards,