Customer_name Link Field on new Doctype

Hi all,
I have created a new doctype with a link field to the Customer doctype.
The field name is the same as on the Parent Doctype (Customer).
However, when i want to ‘Create New’ from the Customer Doctype , the new document doesn’t inherit the Customer name (i still have to select it from drop down list).
Is there a way to have my Customer name automatically filled in the newly created document?

Thanks in advance

Hi from what I understood,

New Doctype
field Customer (Link:Customer)
field Customer Name

therefore, you can edit your new_doctype.js and get the Customer name from Customer (Default) store it to your New doctype’s Customer name upon selecting the Customer (Link field).

Thank you so much for your reply johnskywalker,
Seems i have not been very clear. Here are more detailed explanation:
i have 2 Doctypes: Doctype A (Customer) and Doctype B (my new Doctype)
On Doctype B , i have a link field called Customer with field name Customer_name and linked to Customer Doctype.
On doctype A , i have a Link field Called ‘Whatever’ linked to my Doctype B
When i ‘Create New’ Doctype B from this Doctype A (Customer) , i Would like Doctype B ( and therefore the field Customer with Field name customer_name) to automatically show the Doctype A customer name .

Sorry I don’t get it. Can you share your usecase instead? or might as well share a flowchart.