Customer naming and GL


If I selected the customer naming to be based on naming series, the problem that in the GL, the party will be the customer series which is meanless (will not know whom this customer).

Is it possible that party to appear as customer_series: customer_name (or customer_series - customer_name) which will let us know whom this customer.

Or the alternative solution: how to display customer name when selecting customer in the GL?


Yes, you can view the naming series as per which the customer records have been saved in the reports.

In Stock Settings, you need to update the “Customer Naming By” field to Naming Series.

Report: General Ledger

Hello @jaichavan;

And how I will know the name of the customer in the report if I selected the customer naming to be by naming series? Here is my problem. Do you have solution for it?


Well, you gotta select one of the two! Or else you can just give the customer name as “code-customerName”
For example, 120876593-Vodafone India

If I selected to be bases on the customer code, then I will not be able to see the customer name in the reports whatever I named it.

Also, if I selected the naming to be based on the customer name, then no code will be generated for the customer, so I will not be able to name it in the way u mentiones: code-customer_name.

Hopefully I can have help and answer.