Customer Notification on Invoice Submit


I am attempting to send the customer a copy of the Sales Invoice when it is submitted using the email_id field in the Contact field. However, the “Receiver by Document Field” options are completely empty.

This is using the latest (version 13 stable) version of ERPNext and Frappe.

Any help appreciated. I would prefer not needing to use hooks to implement a notification.

We encounter the same issue @mohitchechani in version 13

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I’m doing something similar for our Delivery Notes. I found if you paste it directly into the notification json (for standard notifications), it’ll show up:
Still unsure if linked fields will work. I am testing currently.

Also sorry for the blue-light filter screenshot :grimacing:

confirmed the same problem on version-13, but no problem in version-13-beta.

Also there is a styling issue in the link dropdown

The issue should be resolved after this fix.

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Looks like it’ll be included in v13.1.1?

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Fields showing up now for us - v13.1.1 for frappe

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