Customer of Sales Invoice Trends not change after Changing Customer Name

Hello, All.

  1. Changing Name in Customer Field then
  2. Customer in Sales Invoice Trends Can not Change
    Could you please tell the reason? Or In Sales Invoice Trends is available to one more column "Mobile Number of Customer?

Thank you.

This case is visible in this screenshot:- On the left is the Customer Full Name found in , and on the right is the field name by which this customer record is identified in the Customer table in your site’s database.

The Customer in that Sales Invoice Trend is not changing because you changed the field customer_name not name.

The first time you create a customer, in database it is uniquely identified by its primary key which is the variable known as name in the table tabCustomer. Here it is seen plainly:

MariaDB [database]> desc `tabCustomer`;
| Field                   | Type          | Null | Key | Default  | Extra |
| name                    | varchar(140)  | NO   | PRI | NULL     |       |

That Customer field in that report is a link to that Customer rather than the Customer Name. Had it been the Customer Name (which would be a string) rather than Customer link then it would have changed depending from where it is sourced.

Thank you, @root13F

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