Customer page shows wrong the Annual billing/unpaid amount

Dear members,

I am still learning and testing erpnext and using partially in my business, and it’s a great product since I am new to this I keep posting for the solution, I just require your Co-operation.

Now the latest problem is my company currency in erpnext is INR and my billing currency is USD, AUD and EUR.

When I navigate to Accounts >> Customer and open any of my customer I can see the below page.

As you can see the Annual billing and Unpaid amount is $7809.12 but in fact it is $114.84.

The amount which is shown on this page is in INR with $ sign, but it should be either $114.84 or Rs.7809.12.

So is this a bug or I have left something while creating the company in erpnext.

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Thanks for reporting this issue. I can replicate it in my test account as well.

@rohit_w can you please check and fix it? For the reference, check Customer DimensionIE in our test account.

Hi @deepak727,

Thanks for reporting an issue, we have fixed the issue and soon we’ll release the fix. Now onward user can see the amount based on the customer’s account currency.


Hi @umair and @rohit_w

Thnaks for the response and the commitment for fix.

I have found one more bug in Payment Entry System. Please see the below screenshot.

As You can see it show the total amount 125.280 INR but in fact it is USD, where in Outstanding it shows the correct converted figure in INR i.e. 125.280 * 66 = 8268.480

Please have a look in this also.


Thanks for reporting issues @deepak727. We will update you as soon as it’s resolved.

If you find more issues, please report them on Github Issues.

Hi @deepak727,

I am not able to replicate this issue, can you please pull the latest update and check it again.


Hi @rohit_w

I have pulled the latest update where I can see the issue on the customer page (The first screenshot) is now fixed, I can now see Rs. Currency symbol i.e. my companies default currency is showing.

But on the second screenshot on the Payment entry it still shows all the value in INR on the full page and null on the main page, you can refer the below screenshot.

Well I admire your work and it is highly appreciated.


@rohit_w i also discovered that the total unpaid balance is not also correct when a customer has a credit balance.The unpaid balance should be the negative value of the amount.I believe the essence of Annual billing and Unpaid balance in the customer master ledger is to give all information about the customer.So if the actual ledger of a customer is reading Rs -20,000 and the Unpaid balance is reading Rs0, a lay man will be confused.Please let make the correction

@shachiTakalkar can you please try to replicate this?

@umair I tried replicating the issue. I have my default currency ar INR and my customer has USD but still the annual billing is shown in INR.

Hi @deepak727,

I am able to replicate the issue and have fixed the issue, soon we’ll release the fix


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Hi there,

i got same problem, the annual billing is showing as 0 on Customer even if there are sales invoices, see pic:


General Ledger:

ERPNext: v7.2.11
Frappe Framework: v7.2.9

Can you please have a look?