Customer payment -> multiple checks for several invoices

Hi all, thank you in advance for your support. I would like being able to register customer’s payments done on several invoices at the time, by giving us several checks aswell.

Currently, we are registering an individual payment for each check, since the “transaction ID” field allows only one check at the time. Would it be possible to book for more than one?

Please find attached bellow a picture to illustrate on this:

There I would need further lines to add more checks. I tried customizing the report but not a python expert here.

Thank you all again!

Not possible in the core. And I don’t think it’s practical. One PE per mode of payment is correct accounting. However, you may be able to achieve your objective via a custom app.

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You could do what you’re describing relatively easily using custom fields. All you’d need to do is add a custom child doctype describing checks to a table field. Then, if you want, you could add validation to ensure all the numbers add up correctly using client or server scripts.

To echo Muzzy, though, I think doing this is a bad idea. Among other problems, your ledger will no longer match your bank statements. The only marginal benefit is faster data entry, and there other ways to achieve that without compromising standard accounting practices.

thank you both for your replies. What would you suggest to speed up the data entry process since it takes quite a while.
Thank you,

It depends on your workflow and needs. From an accounting standpoint, one Payment Entry per check is definitively the correct data structure. If you’re entering piles of checks, however, there are many ways to streamline.

The simplest would probably just be to use a Journal Entry rather than a Payment Entry. Journal Entries are lower level documents and thus require a bit more familiarity with accounting practices, but they’ll allow you to write numerous debits and credits to the ledger simultaneously.

Alternately, a lot can be done with client scripting to speed up data entry, though what exactly that could look like would depend on the specifics of your needs.

Finally, if you really want to customize your process, you could always design a custom tool to generate payment entries automatically in batches. The trick is going to be designing the UX in a way that allows you to specify which checks cover which invoices, but I’m sure there are ways to do it.