Customer PO number in Sales Invoice

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I’n using the cloud version of ERPNEXT and recently a customer of us has started asking to show their PO number on every invoice we send them. I couldn’t find a way to add this to the invoice, but since there’s a way to put the Customer PO Number in my Sales Order, I reckon there should be a way to pull this info and attach it to the Invoice.

If that’s not the case, would it be possible to add a “free text” box where I can enter the Customer PO number? I couldn’t manage to add this too.

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If you are willing to select on each time on new invoice
Customize Sales Invoice
Add new field as Link type, Name is Sales Order
in option write Sales Order

Then you have to edit your print format, and add that field to show in prints.

That should work.

Hi mdwala,

thanks for your reply. I’ve tried your solution, but nothing gets printed on the invoice. Also, not sure if this would work anyway, as I need to print the Customer PO number (the Purchase Order number that our customer use internally and send to us to buy our services).

Since I type the customer PO number in the sales order when I create one, shouldn’t the system be able to easily pull this number out?

As I mentioned, I’m happy to add a free text box to do it manually every time, but I’m having issues with this option as well. :slight_smile:

If you need Customer PO number, its just you customize Sales Invoice,
add new field as Data.
and in Print format pick and drop that field where you require. Let me know where exactly you are facing issue.

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so, I’ve customised the SI, adding a data field called Customer’s Purchase Order, no option

Then I went to Print Format of my Sales Invoice template and I added the new field to the format… I’ve reloaded the software, tried to print the PDF but nothing comes up. THe print hide option is not ticked so it should be all good. I dont understand why I don;t even get the Customer’s Purchase Order title (without the actual PO number).

Am i doing something wrong?


IN the delivery note the Customer’s Purchase Order No field is already there and if I put the field in the DN print format, I can extract the number with no problem. Not sure if the things are related.

Here’s a post that might help.