Customer portal file DOWNLOAD

I would like my customers to be able to log in and see a list of files (PDF’s and CAD files) they are allowed to to view and download. The most logical place to do that would be with the customer portal but it seems to only ever show the “print” version of a database entry and not show any attached files.

Anyone manage to do this with the customer portal?

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Workaround. Add attachments as a public file. In the sales order, have the attachment’s link updated and make this field visible in the Customer portal. This is an example of the public file.

Thank you for your response Umair.

I don’t understand what is “the public file” in the gif you posted. Is the whole page for “Buy Tickets INR” an attached file somehow?
Also, I need to protect the download of these files. If I add them as public doesn’t it allow anyone to download them who has the link?

Is attach a file from a document/doctype, in a dialog, you see a field “Is Public”. If that field is checked, then you can share that file by just sharing link of that file. This is just a work-around and not the most ideal solution to let customer’s access attachement to a doc.

Ok, I see. Unfortunately making the files public is not an option for us. They are protected files that users need to login to gain access to. I’m just looking for a simplified interface since it’s just to get files.

The other option is finding a way to grant users a login where they can only see 1 doctype. Currently, all users get access to Tools and various other doctypes that I can’t seem to restrict access to.