Customer Portal - How to create

Dear All,

How we can setup customer portal for raising the ticket from customer side.

I tried with customer role permission but it wont work.

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If you want to create a Customer Portal for an existing customer. You can create contact against that customer and add Customer’s login id in the Email Id field and also add reference of that customer.
And set User Type (on user form) to “Website User” for that user id.

When we do that, how can the user then see the invoices issued for the company? And other things, too?

You can enable the invoices section in Customer portal through Portal Settings DocType.

I do that, but when I log in as a customer who has an invoice and click on Invoices, I see the following:

And the same thing happens with all menu items in the sidebar related to ERPNext

Can you share image of Portal Settings

Hi, here it is:

Hi @bssrjai
Please go to Customer Role Role > Customer and Disable Desk Access

after login with portal user. Then you can get the invoice list in portal
Thank you