Customer Portal - Issues / Helpdesk / Web Forms

Hello. I am trying a few open source ERPs to choose the right one for my business, and I really enjoyed ERPNext.

I did an easy install on a CentOs 7 vps with no errors. ERPNext is very intuitive and looks stable also.

I am only having a few problems undertanding the Customer Portal and how it works.

Is there any way to configure the issues / support tickets to behave just like it is shown on the user manual?

Problems I am facing at the moment:

Logged as Administrator

    1. Not able to edit issues web form (I would like to change URL from “issues” to “tickets”).
    1. “Role Permissions Manager”: I could not change edit web form, so I tryed to change permissions. Changing permissions for Document Type “Issue” and Role “Customer” does not seem to have any effect on Customer Portal Issues page.
    1. “Brazilian Portuguese Translation” is completely messed up. Is there any other project related to translations?

Logged as Customer

    1. Customers are still able to edit issues after creation. Once created, customer should be able to “Reply” only.
    1. There is no “Reply” button. There is only 2 top buttons “Update” and “Cancel”, the basic form (subject, status, description) and a comment area at the bottom of page.
    1. There is no badge indicating status.

Any clues on how to make it work like that?

I found only 5 or 6 apps on Apps Installer inside ERPNext. Is there any other apps repository to add extra functionalities?

Looking forward for your comments. Thank you.

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@ghribas welcome to the forum

The web workflow is only for the client. As a support agent, you should login to the desk and go to Support > Issue to reply

Please check your permissions.

This is still WIP. Support is used mostly by setting email.

Thanks @rmehta!

I did notice how the support (issues) works on Admin and Customer areas.
But it is not working as a ticket system at all. It is completely different than the screen on the manual. It looks really nice on manuals, but it is not looking even close to that here, on my fresh install.

Customers are able to create new tickets (, but, if the same customer opens that same ticket he just created (, there is just the form for editing the previous entered content, and a comment box.

SETP 1: Create Ticket (issue)
Not as good as manual, but it works.

STEP 2: Listing tickets
There is a poor listing, but it works.

SETP 3: View ticket
No reply buttton, and customer can only edit ticket content. There is also a little comment button on the bottom of page.

SETP 4: Reply ticket
This function does not exist.

As I told you before, I would like it to work just like it is described on the manuals… As a real solution for a real life problem. Is there any way I could do that?

Thanks again.

@ghribas yeah that was a nice solution :slight_smile:

We recently did a major standardization, the earlier design was a custom coded solution, the new design relies on Web Forms.

I agree this need to be upgraded, but its not on the immediate list. Maybe we can take up a whole bunch of portal related fixes at some point.

Hello @rmehta, thank you for your time.

Dang, too bad… We can only keep working on ERPNext if it has a full ticket system, just as described on the manual.

Is there any way of editing the issues webform to behave like that? Apparently I cant edit it even logged as Administrator. Or maybe anyway to download that previous and full version of ERP Next?

The current solution (/issues) has no use at all for customer supporting pourposes. It is just a really simple form with no real life use. It does not work as a ticket system at all.

If there is no way of doing it, I suggest you update your manual so people won’t be disappointed and waste their time as we did (please, no offense here, just saying…).