Customer portal - issues

Here is the imagem with the problem.

  1. Create issue, click on the “Save” button

  2. Completed message appears

  3. after closing the message it stays on the screen of the created issue

  4. So I need that when I click on the “SAVE” button it automatically goes to the issues page, without me having to click.


Cannot see anything in the GIF.

I replaced it with images, the gif was no good.


Looks like the page does not refresh OnSave, could be a bug? @dj12djdjs

@msalim79 Yes I think so. I don’t use customer portal but I watched a video on YouTube it looks like the correct behavior is to redirect to the list after submit.

@dj12djdjs and @msalim79, I am with version 13.4.1, and I have tested it on 3 different platforms and the problem is the same.

Do you think they can help?

Is there a part that I can change the direction manually?

Have a look at web forms>issue their are two places that could help "action "and “advanced”.
I have not tested this myself …

is already configured as follows and it still doesn’t work

I found the solution by adding a code in the client script inside the Issues form

frappe.web_form.after_save = () => {
window.location.href = “/issues”,

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