Customer Portal Settings Problem

Hello Friends,

I am facing a problem with customer portal settings. While someone signup at our website and confirm their account verification by clicking the system generated email, he/she is supposed to have a default role of customer (set in portal settings). as per ERPNext Documentation, a customer and supplier should have a user type of Web User and should not have the access to desk.

But as soon as I assign the role of Customer (only) to this new user, it picks the user type of System User and gets the access to Desk.

However, It does not happen if I assign a role of Supplier to same user. This bug us causing a lot of problems in my website as the customer are not landing on web-portal (customer Portal) but they land directly to the desk and can’t find their documents (Quotations/Orders/shipments/Issues etc.).

Can some help me in resolving this problem, Please???

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Configure your Customer role without Desk Access

Hope this helps.

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Hi @avc

Many Thanks for your quick and helpful response. I just didn’t thought of configuring the customer as I though it might be without desk access by default.

A lot of Thanks to you. your advise just solved the problem.

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Hi @avc

Sorry for bothering you again. Now The customer can’t request for a quotation after adding the product to cart. when customer clicks on request for quote, a message pops up stating “Not Permitted”.

Can you please help in resolving this problem as well? I understand that I might be missing some settings either in E Commerce or In Customer/Portal.

I’ll be really thankful for sorting my life…


Check your customer … “Portal Users” tab. Is your customer email here? If not, login will fails …


For your reference … Issue and PR raised, because portal user is not created automatically on customer form.

Hi @avc

I have tried this solution. The only problem i am getting is that there is no “portal Users” tab appearing in my Customer Form…

Do I need to make some changes in my setup??? your help will be highly appreciated…


Little problems … :sweat_smile:

Yes, I was trying on develop version, portal user tab was added few months ago.
Please, check if the user email is added as Contact (Contact doctype) and is connected to the Customer …