Customer portal show me all taks when press cancel on new task

Hi to all After give permisions to see projects on customer portal click
when click on new task a cancel button apears
after click on it system let me see all taks

how I can avoid this situation



Can you explain the issue more with some screenshots/GIFs?

Hi thx for replay, when you log in website as a customer role user you see project and task

After click on new task

Then click on cancel button show you all task related and non related to a customer

Also there is a way to show issue number on task row view I don’t know how to customize it, also happened on website form after customize I need the commands to do changes persistent after set on developer mode



Which Frappe and ERPNext version are you using?

Hi this version



I met the same issue with ERPNext v12.14.0, Frappe Framework v12.12.0.

With a simple customer account if connect to the address https://mysite/tasks, all the tasks are visible, even if they are attached to other customer projects.

It can be reproduce also by following the procedure described by @Mauriel_Rosero (the result is a redirection to /tasks).

Is there a way to block access to /tasks to all users? It could be a quick workaround for my case, probably for others too.

Thanks for your help


On my side, I found my mistake.
The customer permissions for “Tasks” were set to “Read” without any further filter.

I remove this permission from the role manager and the task list is now limited as expected.


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