Customer Quick entry Primary Contact mobile no & email id become Read-only or disabled


We used to able to key in customer mobile no or email on the Quick entry for new customer record, but now suddenly it has turn into read-only or disabled. Screen shot attached below:

How can I enable them back?

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Go to customise doc from clicking on 3 dot right side upper corner.
Find field called email then edit it and find field ‘Readonly’ and uncheck it.


Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. but the read only is on the type, and even i’ve change it to TEXT, it will show

“Fieldtype cannot be changed from Read Only to Text in row 43”

when I click update.

Yes Got it. It is because of mobile_no and email_id field values come from
customer_primary_contact which is another doctype called contact.
You have to create a contact for that customer and then select record in customer form. You can refer Screenshots for more info.

but previously I can just key in text on the Quick Entry page, what have change?

Am I the only few that has this issue? Or this was updated to behave like these?

Can someone advice?



The problem has been resolve itself, I didn’t do anything actually.