Customer Quotation

Hello ERP ,
This is sujay. Can anybody tell how to change the company currency into customer currency in Quotation of selling module by creating a filed.

Your query is not quite clear. Can you please elaborate a little bit more?

Hello nabin, if the company currency is in INR , bt while sending a quotation at last if we want to change the total cost from INR to USD,EUR i.e customer currency conversion or exchange rate, how we can do ?

Just change the Currency field’s value as “USD” while making Quotation. Then it will ask for exchange rate and will show all the values in both currency.

yes i did that , but at last i created some fields called Company Currency and Customer Currency . Suppose if Company Currency is 2000 INR after completion of Quotation & it should show 31$ in Customer Currency field automatically in quotation.

Like how exchange rate occurs automatically similarly we want to Company Currency and Customer Currency should show automatically.