Customer records with '?' in name cannot be accessed

I set up two customer records for individuals whose surname I don’t know - I entered a ‘?’ in the name. The records show up in the list of customers, but whenever I attempt to access them I get the message: “Sorry! I could not find what you were looking for.” I can transact on those customers, but I cannot access the customer record directly.

How can I get to those record in order to amend them? - they already have transactions attached.

Please don’t use question marks in names. The name field is used in the URL of records. ? has a special meaning to the browser

So, might it not be a good idea to prevent records being stored with a question mark in the name?

If I can enter such a record but not retrieve it subsequently, I would consider that the be a significant fault in the application.

I would still like to have some guidance as to how I can resolve the problem, given that I already have a number of committed transaction entered against these customers. Is there a definition somewhere of the sql database schema so that I can ‘hand’ amend?

That will be added as soon as possible.

The naming convention for Frappe/ERPNext tables is “tab” + doctype. For example, The table for Sales Invoice is tabSalesInvoce.

You can open the bench console (bench --site site_name console) and do raw queries using frappe.db.sql

e.g invoices = frappe.db.sql('select * from tabSalesInvoice)