Customer Refund


How we refund our customer.

If i make a sotck entry of type Sales Return against Sales Invoice No, i get stock updated with product bying price instead of selling price. I mean i have to refund what the customer paid.
After that, he gives me an option of make credit note but when i click the button he opens Journal Voucher with type of Credit Note with two rows semi filled. He does’t fill any thing about credit and debit.

When i try to fill credit and debit he does’t submit the Journal Vouche.

How should i refund my Customer?


Credit Note will be the entry for refund. This entry, you will have some default rows updated. You should manually enter debit and credit amount for each row based on the refund.

May I know what is the error message you are getting when submitting Journal Voucher? Accounting in ERPNext follows double entry accounting system. It required total debit value matching with total credit value in each accounting transaction.

Hi, Umair. Thanks for your answer.

Sorry, i’m not explained correctly.

I need to make a Credit Note against a sales invoice that was already paid. When i do it with stock entry of type sales return i can’t do journal entry against sales invoice because it was already paid. The system complains saying that i can’t have sales invoice with value below zero or some thing like this.

What i really need is that the system do a document of type Credit Note against paid sales invoice, like this:

In sales invoice or some where else, issue a Credit Note document against some sales invoice that:

Debit: income account (Sales) - to reduce sales and incomes…
Credit: Account Receivable (Customer in question) - Here value will be negative (if customer has no debt) because this is an asset.

After that, shows a button in Credit Note document saying Payment Entry that do this:

Debit: Account Receivable (Customer in question) - in this scenario make it zero.
Credit: Cash or Bank Account.

I know that i can make all this in Journal Voucher but i can’t do it against paid sales invoice.

Actually, how can i do customer refund of paid sales invoice?

Hi, Umair.

I really need to know how to refund a customer that as paid sales invoice.

Could you please help me.


As rightly understood, Credit Note will not be linked to the Sales Invoice. The main purpose of Credit Note is to ensure Income and credit booked towards customer is undone. This is achieved via Credit Note.

Please post Github Issue for the feature of creating refund entry against Sales Invoice.

Thanks for your answer.


What i really want is this:

I sell a product (Billing - Sales Invoice: POS) then the customer has 15 days to return the product if it is not satisfied.
Then i have to return what the customer paid and update the item’s in warehouse.

How i do this in Erpnext?