Customer restriction on webform

Use case : to allow customers (users) to fill their own web-forms

Doctype : Survey

Fields :
1)Customer (link) mandatory
2)How many employees ( data)

In web form would like to restrict the customers populated in the Select List to the customers to which user is having access.

Is it possible ?

Already Tried :
Giving User Permission to specific customer for specific user.


Is it possible in V12 , to get Customer / Supplier to fill their own web forms.

Use case :

  1. Customer fill their own surveys
  2. Supplier fill their own Product related information.

Note : In V12 , User Permission cannot be given to “Website users”. It can be given only to “System users”

To allow logged in supplier in the portal while filling web-form to choose their organization in Supplier (link) field setup done as below :


but , it shows all the supplier without restriction.


How can I set restriction on the web-form for supplier link field to show logged in supplier, only their organization ?

has any one done it successfully ?

Thanks in advance, awaiting for your useful guidance.

@jignesh_shah See this, it may help you :


Thanks a lot @Mohammed_Redha !

This will work via custom app for sure.

Do you see any solution which can be done via client script like filtering supplier based on logged in user ?

Could you please explain how does it solve the problem ?

Replace get_all with get_list.

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