Customer Search Issue


I am struggling with Customer Search.
When i create a new project & search in customer field, i see information like Customer name, Customer Code, Machine Serial Number, etc.
However, when i create a new issue and when i search in customer field, i only see the customer name.
I want to have this option when i can type not just the name but customer code or machine serial number and the customer should automatically populate.

I have attached 2 images to explain my issue.
Please help.

Awaiting your response.


In Item and Project, do their respective Search Fields specs reflect what you see?

Here are official docs and past help requests

Hello Charke,

Thank you so much for the quick response.

I have already configured the search field with the required search options & this is why when i create a sales invoice or open a new project, i can see all the information which needs to be disaplyed in search.

However, when i create a new issue, i only see customer name in the search box, i have also created a custom doctype & linked the filed exactly the way it is linked with project doctype.

However there is no sucess.

Attached document for your reference and Appreciate your support.

Hello John,

I just realised one thing.

if i go to Customize Form, select customer, Whatever changes i do, the result only displays the Customer Name.

If i go to Doctype & Select the Customer Doc, it is read only mode.
I guess all my customized docs are pointing to this, which is why i am unable to search with the required options.

if there a way, i can edit this document?
Attached image for your reference.

Appreciate your help & advise.

If you login as Administrator to test your Search Fields change, then maybe a User or Role Permission is the problem source?

Shall try this & update you.



That is absolutely ok. The changes made via Customize Form does not affect Doctype values. The changes are saved in Property Setter table and applied while rendering or precessing.

In my local account, it is showing all the search fields value in the result. What have you customized? Is there a custom field for Customer?

Hello Nabinhait,

Thank you for your response.

You are right, but it is only displaying either the group or the Territory, I can see the same in my system as well.
However i want to display more information like, customer_code, serial_number, etc,

What i assume is as below.

When i select to create Sales Invoice or New Project, Search for the customer, it displays the result which i added in search option of customer which is added throught customize form of the Customer Doctype,.

However, if i create a Issue New task_ for Support Option or create any new task from the few custom doctype and link it to Customer, it will generate search whcih is mentioned in Customer Doctype ReadOnly. Fields like customer group & customer territory,

The below image shall give you a clear idea what i am talking about.

Thanks for your help and advise.


Hi Everyone! I’m also having an issue related to this. here I created a Lab Test Request Form doctype from different app. and I added customer doctype to this app. customer is linked to Lab Test Request Form but the Options only diplayed the name not with customer_name. Thanks for your help

this is my lab test request form.