Customer specific "Item Code" in selling (quotation, order, invoice)

Hi everybody,

I have several clients. For most of them the article number dos not matter. But some of them are using their own articel number I like to display these special number on all printouts.

What i have done:

  • I have activated “Item Advanced” in “Feature setup” in section “Materials”
  • I have activated “Sales Extras” in “Feature setup” in section “Sales and Purchase”

After doing so, I can see a table in item master to add customer and ref code for a item. This is perfect. But how can I use this information?

If i create a new sales order and select an item with speical refcode for the selected customer. I can´t see the customer specific item code in the list or in the print preview. What do I have to do to show the specific code?

Is this a bug?

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Thanks for the details explanation. Here is the stepwise help on this subject.

Please check if Customer’s Item Code field in not checked “Print Hide”. You will have to check for this in the Customize Form tool, and ensure “Print Hide” is checked for the Customer’s Item Code field. Check following link for help on how to use customize form to make field visible/hidden in the custom print format.

In the Custom Form, select item table to check for this field. For example, if you are working on the Sales Order, then select Sales Order Item in the Customize Form.

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Thank you very much. Everything works as described.

I did not know about the knowledgebase. Maybe you can add this to the main menu to make it accessible easily to anyone.