Customer specific item description / sales text

A specific item description for the customer would be very helpful, if you dont want to share specifications with customers.

We also store some instructions for our purchase/technical team in the item descriptions.
This has to be removed in the item table each time a new sales invoice is created.

My proposition would be to check if there is a “customer group” specific text in the item, if not take the default description of the item.

This is a modified table in the item master:

This text would apply in the sales invoice of every customer.

If you have a the same issue, please respond to this thread.

I have already created a github issue for this.
Customer Group based Item Name & Description · Issue #28999 · frappe/erpnext (

How about we give an Item list in customer form with an alias for each item. for these items, customers will see an alias in print for the rest of the items will be printed with their original name?

The advantage of the item solution is that everything already exists, only the description and name would have to be added and linked to sales inv etc.
Additionally groups and individual customers (As per your explanation) are already supported.