Customer / Supplier recapitulation report suggestion


i could’t find any report asociated with customer / supplier summary. There is some kind of form when you go to particular customer and click on the links (too long loading). This will be very usefull report when we have meeting with particular customer. In that summary should be:

  • values from link

  • previous meeting with that customer (add in meeting app)

  • trial balance for party (summary), and other usefull data from finance

With this kind of report we will be ready for meeting with customer / supplier in a minute. Just print the report.

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As per the current design, communication among parties are tracked in the Communication master. You can also updated meeting log as a Comment in the Customer master.

If you are using another doctype for updating meeting details, then you can create a custom report on this Doctype and apply filter on Customer.

What do you mean about Communication master. I that in CRM->Comunication. Could you shom me some screnshoot example?

You can check it here:
Or substitute with your domain.

Yes, i saw this earlier. Polished Links option on the particular customer page is more suitable report.

Then it’s better to open issue at Issues · frappe/erpnext · GitHub