Customer support not responsive

I have tried emailing support about things recently and in the past. I have a subscription with ERPNext. Support never seems to answer emails etc. Has anyone else experienced this and does anyone know why they are unreachable?

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There is no reference to why this should be discussed in the community forum, so closing this. Please report your grievances to

Now that is FUNNY!!!

The answer is to email support about why support doesn’t answer emails! :rofl:


If you have any issue then you can ask here, So if the support team is busy then someone from the community might be able to help you.

:roll_eyes: if I had responses from that email I would not have asked the question here. For months no-one has responded to emails sent to

I understand sometimes they are busy, but it has been months since no-one has replied. I usually contact people directly but I can not be doing that for tech support and my customers can not do that