Customer Tax ID is not getting populated in Tax Invoice

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Anybody could help me to resolve the below? I am not able to fetch the customer TAX ID into the invoice. Please find the below example from my shell.

Tax ID opted in the tax invoice template.

TRN or Tax ID assigned in customer tax id field

But it is not reflecting in in the TAX INVOICE. Whereas the company TRN is available in the invoice.

Please advise what would be wrong in my setup? What should I do to enable the customer tax id in the invoice?

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It looks like in your sales invoice doctype isnt any tax field.


Hi Joelios,

Sorry for my late response.
I have configured the customer tax id field in the invoice doctype (NBS TAX INVOICE). Please refer my first post with the relevant screen captures.

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I did face this issue also, by any chance did you enter the TAX code after creating the SO or QTN?? (that is if you are not creating a SINV directly)

I assumed, that when you are coming through QTN → SO → SINV, if the TAX code was not entered at the very beginning, it will not get populated since most of the relevant data is pulled from current document (worst case would be the field is hidden since you have NULL data.

(correction: TAX ID not relevant for QTN)


You are absolutely right. We have added VAT No. (Tax ID) to the customer profile later we created the QTN and SO. Is there any workaround you can suggest to get populated the tax Id properly even after you create the QTN or SO wince it is very important that to have both Companies and Customers tax ID to be printed in the ‘Tax Invoice’?

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I was trying some options I have (I don’t have shell access), but seems like its a read-only field and cannot unset as well. Hopefully this would be picked up … and a fix is released.

@NBSContact check make fields visible in print fomat documentation.