Customer Tax ID not showing on Sales Invoice

Could you please help identify why the VAT ID from customer is not shown on sales invoice?

I’ve checked the corresponding print format and VAT ID is included. The customer has a VAT ID encoded so I can’t understand why it’s not appearing on the sales invoice.

Thanks in advance,


Sorry for insisting but I really need this issue fixed.
I have to issue invoices ASAP.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Changing the customer fixes the issue and pulls the corresponding Tax ID.
This isn’t really adequate as this doesn’t work when creating a sales invoice from a sales order.
Is there an option to additionally pull customer’s tax ID when creating a new doc? Why isn’t it standard behaviour?

Perhaps the issue is caused because the TAX id is entered after the Invoice was created. Can Please try creating a new customer with TAX Id and fetch the same on the invoice.

Hope this helps.

Well in this case, the tax id was added to customer after creating the sales order. (So it didn’t appear on the sales order)

But it wasn’t shown on the invoice until I changed the customer.

This is a bit annoying…