Customer to Ticket(s) Linkage

First of all, I really love your ERPNext! I had spent weeks to find the right CRM/ERP for my new startup computer and smartphone repair business. I came down to Odoo and ERPNext. It was hard to choose betweem them but I went for ERPNext due ot its simplicity and ease to use. There are still some important features missing but I know they will be implmented in the future as I can see you have a wonderful group of keen users and developers invloved in polishing this fine ERPNext to its best!

I looked at one nice CRM solution ( which is perfect for my business’ need but I didn’t go with it since it’s based on cloud and monthly subscription. I don’t like to leave all my business data on their server over internet. I like to control data locally. Anyways, their ticket system is awesome. I wonder if one day your support module would evolve/mature into something like that? Or even am I able to customize the ticket or customer issue form to look like their ticket system without too much coding or scripting? For now, I’m trying to put the number of tickets linked to a customer. For instance, I want to place a “Ticket” field at the top of customer form like in the red box in the picture below.

Also, is there a way to create a customized dashboard on the home page (modules screen) so that way I can quick look at and see what I need to do for the day. Messaging system (red dots) is nice but visual of all messages at once would be easier to see the overall workload of the day.

Thanks again for your wonderful ERPNext solution!

@wildwestislander Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile:

Are you a developer yourself?. We will be happy to guide you to build these features.

Yeah this should not be too hard to get done.

Well I’m used to be a programmer but that was a long time ago. I’m more of a IT guy now, but i’m sure I can figure it out with your initial guide. Right now I don’t have much time to go into this as I gotta finish adjusting ERPNext to fit my business needs. Once it’s done, I will ask for your tip on where to start with building these features. Probably a few weeks from now. Thanks for your help!

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