Customer User web privilage

The Customer User and Supplier Users Are Consider a Web Users

that Cannot See the Desk

From Rule ---- customer ---- check Desk

Then the Customer User will transform from a web user to a system user that can see desk

i added a new DocTYpe named knowelgeable

i need the Customer To be Able To see only Thate DocType
and Cant see any Desk

so now we have to find a way to achive that

solution 1

To not Check Desk Icon and the user still be a web user but let that doc appear in the left side like this

solution 2
to check Desk icon and then the user will convert to a system user
but how to let him see only that new add doc “knowelgeable”

thx alot dears for your support and guides

Any Help Views Guys ?

any idea dears ?

thank u for any one can help or even suggest


You can customize Show/Hide Desktop Icons as shown below to show only your Knowledgeable doctype on the desk,

Moreover, you need to create a special for such customers which can have Desk Access and customize the permission for Role to only access the Knowledgeable doctype.

Hope this helps to solve your issue :slight_smile:

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Dear thx a lot for your help , i will try your solution and feed u back .

i figured that

Tools and its components is not show in permission rule to be able to disable or enable

How can we overcome this dears ?

Any help Dears ?