Customer Webpage

Hi folks,

I want to create a webpage that will include some customer javascript libraries and be accessed publicly.

The objective is to give a user to interact with data in the database without logging in.

I started with creating a webpage in the website module. Added my custom script in my file under web_include_js and added the html and javascript on the webpage…

All works file but none of my buttons are triggering the jquery code in the script.

Can anyone lead me in a direction to get this to work, or offer another solution that I can use in frappe - portal page?

I am trying to create a public page that shows a keypad where users with be able to enter a number. This number represents a unit in a complex and the data stored in my app. I want to then call the data from the backend and present a list of options to the user. Making a choice will then call the unit number resident and allow communication between the user and the unit resident.

I just starting off playing around with a web interface using frappe - I can use other technologies, but was wanting to do everying in one application platform if possible. I have the backend stuff all working nicely, just now a webpage to allow interaction with users.

Any ideas?


Hi! Not really sure about this. But maybe you can create a separate webpage for this and use REST api calls