Customer with multicurrency transactions

i have a customer ABC
this customer some time pay using US currency and some time using EUR

so if i made the first transaction with US
and then the customer pay with EUR
the system refuse and telling me
that it must be US

waiting your guide.

According To this Guide .
its written:

(( If account currency is same as Company Currency, you can make
transactions for that Party in any currency. But accounting entries (GL
Entries) will always be in Party Account Currency.))

According To this Rule
if customer ABC currency is US and the Company currency is US so the Customer ABC
Can make any kind of transactions using any currency and this is not happened
the system restrict me to use only one currency

waiting dears for your aids

thanks a lot .

In your case, you should not define/lock receivable account with multicurrency in customer master so you can transact in any currency.

The accounts will book the amount in base currency.

looking at the Customer Master (the form that you get into when creating a new, or editing an existing Customer [that’s the ‘Customer Master’, right?]) I can not quite follow.
In the ACCOUNTING section (where I guess this should be located) there is only one option which is to add a “non-standard receivable account”. The term multi currency does not appear in that form at all.

Can you kindly describe a little more specific what to do practically?

Yes here you can define receivable account with specific currency or other than company base currency. If so, you can only be able to transact with this currency.

in other words as long as this is untouched (no entry for "non-standard receivable account") receipt in every currency is possible

Dears : i tried all this nothing happened

please if any one can help me using teamviewer

for such a request at least it would be helpful to post your timezone

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thx a lot it works now

Hi @sheno @vrms,

I am having the same problem. What is the resolution?


in my situation i made the create the customer two time with two currency

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Yup, as ERPNext is designed as such, I am doing that too. Thanks @sheno!

With this resolution, is it possible to apply (match) payment and invoice with difference currency ? Eg : match payment in EUR with invoice in USD