Customer with supplementary account

Our core business is providing service to our members. Normally a member sign up membership for himself/herself and for his/her own property. But, a member can have a supplementary account. Let say for the spouse or child. A member also can have additional property/s.

So for condition where member want to have supplementary account or additional property, how Erpnext handle it?

@blackfriday If your member is Customer, the supplementary account can be a Contact. ERPNext already has multiple contacts per customer.

You can always create custom forms (DocTypes) or fields.

Contact? The supplementary account is also basically our customer as well.
I don’t understand why you relate this with Contact?

Because its supplementary! You can also create a new Customer and link it to the parent account by a custom field.

How to do that?

To Add Contact to your Customer and Invite as User,

  1. Go to Selling > Customer > Select the Customer
  2. In Section Address and Contact add a new “passive” contact or select one you wish to invite as user.
  3. In Contact you can click Invite as User button above the contact form to invite contact as user.

Invitation Email will be sent if Email Accounts are configured properly.

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