Customer with the same name already exists. Please choose a different name

when i edit the customer’s info i get this message

the selling setting is like this

and the customization of doctype is like this

no more customers with the same name
just one customer

@manal_erpnext remove the filters , let’s all the customers you have .

@manal_erpnext looks like you have plenty of customers , are you sure you have chosen a new one ?

yes, i am sure.

@manal_erpnext I doubt it . there must be the same name

i can edit the name but the other filed i could not
that message is appear


is this the matter?

when i change the value in yellow the change applied in the blue place

Your document naming rule is set to autoname based on the field customer_name.

When you create a new customer doc, the value of customer_name will be assigned as the Document Name (

However further changes on the field customer_name will only change the value of that field but not the actual document name.

okey but why i get that message when want to change the data?

It seems you are not in prod, so delete all customers and try again.

when delete all the data and sill be in this mode it will work?

please change the naming rule to empty or somthing.

Remove the : By fieldname and empty the auto name.


it will work

when i try this and save this is the result

the auto name could not be empty

if you have created the doctype , you can directly edit the doctype instead of customization.
I think you can do it there.

the customer doctype is build in

Screenshot from 2024-04-15 14-05-40

use this

i want the naming by the customer name itself

Then Customer name must get unique. After which you cannot able to create duplicate name.