Customers balance by sales person

Hi all

Need your help to customize report for customers balance and filter it by sales person

You can check Accounts Receivable report and apply multiple filters inclucing Sales Person.

thanks bu it dosn’t work
i cant add column for customers balance

Outstanding amount column is already available in Accounts Receivable report. Why do you need customer balance column?

this report show all transactions on customer or supplier
otherwise if i made more than one transaction on customer so the report show customer repeated
i need to customize report with customer name and final blance and filter with sales person

So for that you can use the Accounts Receivable Summary report where you can see only one row for a single customer and their final balance. You’ll also be able to filter by sales person in that report



am having the same problem .Is it possible to add the filter by sales person be be by default so that instead of choosing a single sales person it auto selects all sales persons summary report