Customer's PO Number in the sales invoice

I’d like to add the customer’s PO number, to the sales invoices. I added a a custom field to the Sales invoice. As per the guide that I got from another post, I named its label “Customer PO Number” and the filed itself “po_no”; its data type is “Link”.

The problem is that, instead of displaying the customr’s PO number. on the sales invoice, it displays our internal serial for that sales order!

Please advise.

You would have to create a custom print format for this and use jinja templating language to code logic for it.

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Alternatively, you could hide the “Link” field you just created and create a new field and call it "the_real_po_no". (or something like that) (by convention you should call this new field as “po_no” and the previous one as “sales_order_name”)

the new field type should be "Data".

then add the following line to “Options” of the new feild:


(the first is the name of your custom “Sales Order” Link Field in your “Sales invoice” )

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks a lot. It world well with me.