Customers under specific groups not showing under all customer groups


I installed ERPNext (2 weeks ago) and updated to latest version (yesterday, $bench update) as well. I’m not sure if this is a bug or its by design. I follow the next steps:

  1. Add a new customer group “Mafia”
  2. I add a new customer “Corleone” under “Mafia”
  3. View customers, Groups → “All customer groups” does not show “Corleone”
  4. View customers, Groups → “Mafia” shows “Corleone”

Same is true for other forms e.g. employees, territories, etc.

I am under the assumption that “All customer groups” and “All territories” should show everyone. What am I missing here?


The filters will only show the data they are linked to. The parent will not show the data of the child nodes

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Thank you!

Is there any patchy way we can show all items under subgroups as well?

I have the same problem…
did you find a way how to display items for given group and all its subgroups in one view?
From my point of view, displaying only linked group is not logical. Example: if I have parent territory Europe and child territories Germany and France with a lot of customer in it, and want to display all the customers from Europe, I see no customer under Europe group - what is misleading…

Try this…

Go to list view of customer > Add filter and apply the below filter.

Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot @michelle !
Btw, is it possible to have this by default?


Yes, we can work on having this as a feature. Would be a change at framework level. Will update here if we have this in our roadmap.


Thank you :slight_smile:
I guess this could be useful feature for a lot of people, to have some checkbox to include (or not) descendants in all the views, where it makes sense (customers, items…)


Hi, any news about it ?

Hi Michelle, Your suggested solution is not working, any other option?

Following is not a solution but seems like an option