Customers with Unpaid Invoices

I am trying to figure out how I can run a report to show all customers with unpaid/open balance on their account. I’d like to group it by customer and show their unpaid invoices and balances in a list view - similar to a Customer Statement.

I thought for sure I’d be able to achieve this but cannot find out how. I’m on ERPNext Cloud.


Explore the Accounts Receivable report, see if it fits your need.

Hello Heather,
Accounts Receivable Report By Default shows you the Invoice by invoice Account of Receivables, However if you want the consolidated report Grouped by customer there is a button on the Right top corner called “Accounts Receivable Summary” on that same report.
Hope this helps.
Thanks and Regards,
Rushikesh Parekh

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Yes I’ve looked at this but I don’t want them all on one print out. I want each customer to print on its own page. Doesn’t appear to be anything like this in erpnext?


Is there a filter for Party i.e. Customer then you can filter according to customer and take a print.

Yes, just difficult when you are trying to send this type of report to all customers with open balances so you have to manually go through them all and do them one by one. :frowning:

Yes, for consolidated report you might have to manually go through them one by one. However check if you can use the auto-email feature to avoid rework of same kind.