Customise ERPnext

I want to change the look and feel of erpnext. In side menu Can i add the submenu.How can I edit the html in my application? .After putting the files in my application how the new file position will be given?.Plz help me

Hi @simigireesh, welcome to the community!
What you ask is not simple. That’s the power that comes with a really robust framework like Frappe and powerful application like ERPNext.

  1. Take the tutorial. This will help you understand what you’re getting into and a lot of context as to why ERPNext is constructed the way that it is.

  2. Get under the hood with some of the concepts has established in the JS Microtemplating pattern. My “aha” moment didn’t come until I read the frappe.render_template source, so I’d recommend that you do that.

  3. While I haven’t personally looked into it further than a search, I think you’re looking to apply the above techniques to these html templates.

Good luck!