Customise, format, sales order and proforma invoice


hello , how can i change sales order(heading) into proforma invoice to selected order. sometimes i need to send sales order or sometimes proforma invoice to the customer. please help

You are not changing a sales order into anything else, you are just printing the sales order a different way. Thus you cannot make into something different. Create as many print formats as you want looking how you want for any transaction (DocType) and then select like:


Thank you …how can i do that?

You will find more response if you take some basic steps on your own searching for ERPNext print format produces directly

hi… i go to Setup > Printing > Print Formats, but in that sales order is not seen?

Refer to the documentation/video in the link shared by @tonto

The brief steps would be:

  1. Click on Customize in print format view to create a new print format
  2. When the print format builder is open, change the heading of the document to Proforma Invoice.
  3. Save the print format, go back to the document, reload and check the new print format.

In this way, you can create multiple formats to suit your needs.

i need to clck customise in the sales order? i tried manny ways but nothing workimg…and i dont know anything technical unfortunately.

Then you need someone to do it for you, Even though it is not at all technical.
You can achieve it using the GUI print format builder.

First if you want to call Sales order as Proforma Invoice then you can rename it to Proforma Invoice using customize form, Select Sales Order then Change Label to Proforma Invoice
For Print format you can refer to this link
Print Format Builder

Check this gif:

When you click on Customize for the first time, you’ll have to provide a name. Then you can proceed to make the changes as shown.

After that, go back to the Order, reload and select new format.

This doesn’t require any coding knowledge :wink:

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thank you so much…i did it:)