Customised Gantt Chart


Hi Ahmed,

Can you please help with how to build customised Gantt chart in ERP

The current standard Gantt chart is not helping much in terms of task and production management

Is it possible to share some details on this


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Would you list out what are the exact things that you would like to achieve. Ex. How you the tasks need to pan out on the chart and what kind of production are u managing.

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We are basically into Aluminium material production our machines do different types of jobs like, milling, turning, cutting etc… and we assign cycle time for each task or project.

For example

Machine 01
Aluminium Plate - 100 Nos
Target start date - 26-Feb
Target end date - 28 Feb

Here is the screen shot of Gantt chart which i created in xls

So this contains tasks, discription, day wise progression.

I am looking for to create something like this.


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Any update…?

@Santhosh_Aerotek did you manage to do it?