Customising Core Parent doctype as Child Table

I have created a custom doctype in my custom app. I need a table field where i need to get fields from core parent doctype. For example: I have created sample doctype and i need to add table field called task_ids and for options i want fields from core parent doctype Task.

It shows error as “Task is not a Child Table”

Thanks in advance

Hi @ibalajib,

Because you select a table in datatype and Task is not a Child Table so you can select only link type and then put Task in Option.

You can’t select Task as a table.

Thank You!

Thanks @NCP for the response. But is there any possibility to get core parent doctype as table in our custom doctype?

I think it’s not possible but you can create a new Task doctype as a table and all core fields create in the new task table.

It’s the only way to implement it.


Allowing normal tables to become child tables has some technical implications that get messy.

You can, however, create a child doctype with a single link field to the doctype you want to link.