Customising fields

In leads, I have added a source called referral. I am wanting to add data on who has referred leads to me. After adding referral as a source I then tried to add an additional field called referral name which should link back to contacts but it hasn’t appeared. How would I do this?


Perhaps some custom scripting will be required to get the desired results.
Please refer link below for some sample custom scripts.

Hi @ArundhatiS ,

Thank you. I actually just needed to restart the program. However, there is more I would like to do.

The lead then becomes an opportunity, then a customer. I would like to be able to run a report or somehow see how many referrals have come from where and how many of them became customers. Basically, I just want to see who are my best refers.

Is this possible? There is already a source field, maybe a report can already be done on this field?