Customising lead form

Hiiiii sir,
Iam trying to customise the lead form in CRM. I tried to hide all the fields that are already exits and try to create the new one, bt found an error message “Field Lead Title in row 4 cannot be hidden and mandatory without default”. I want to hide the fields which are assigned in mandinatory by default. can you please help me to solve this issue.???

When you open the row, you should see a box called ‘Default’. There, you can put whatever you want as the default value for that field.
Don’t forget to export the changes you made with the ‘export’ button!
This should fix your problem

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hiiiii mam. i just want to customize lead form. if we made anychanges in lead form. it is affecting all otherforms contains same fieldname. how could i solve this issues. can you please help me?

Adding a default is the only way I know to ‘undo’ the mandatory field :confused:
What you can do is writting a custom script who will overwrite the fields you wish to hide and replace the value dynamically based on other field.
As long as I know, modifying the Lead won’t affect a lot of things. Just the name properly and you won’t have any issue.

Thanku mam. Let me check it.